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Welcome to ShizNat Webs: A Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome fansite for all things from the Mai-Series.

Greetings and welcome! As you already know, Natsuki Kuga and Shizuru Fujino are characters from the hit anime series - Mai HiME. Or My-HiME. They're also featured in Mai Otome, known as Natsuki Kruger and Shizuru Viola. This website will also focus on their incarnations from every other Mai HiME/Otome series. Manga, fanfiction, Doropanda TOURS, you name it. I will provide pictures and some information on the other HiME and Otome characters as well, from time to time. :)

This website is a long journey in itself. I've always wanted to do a Mai HiME website of sorts, but real life and internet life collided so much, leaving me with no time for shrines or fansites. I've discovered Mai HiME at it's peak in the mid-2000s. Discovering it early at Anime Suki, I decided to give it a try. Low and behold the greatness I was about to witness. It was indeed, the second coming of Sailor Moon to me. The story, the characters, the relationships, the action, everything is done with such majesty in Mai HiME. Natsuki Kuga and Shizuru Fujino (famously known as ShizNat) were chosen to be the focus of my website for many reasons. The main being their relationship. Whether you feel it's ambiguous or legitimate, there's only one truth. They both love each other and thanks to understanding (something this world seems to lack) the two became closer than ever.

I hope you enjoy the website and will share it with other fans. I look forward to 

your support for the greatest pair in the Mai-Multiverse. ^_^

~ Luis (aka Luu Sky Sapphire)

 Note: A popular question that will be answered again: We celebrate and accept pairings/ships of any characters from the Mai-Multiverse. From Harukino to Midokiha:

ShizNat Webs: EST. April. 9th 2010